Nox C1 Online Access Point (without DC Active)

Nox C1 Online Access Point (without DC Active) The Nox C1 access point is a Bluetooth® access point that enables measurement, receiving and streaming of physiological signals during sleep. The Nox C1 access point communicates with the Nox A1 recorder over Bluetooth® and with the Noxturnal PC software over Ethernet to allow configuration of the recorder and streaming of data. The Nox C1 is able to measure signals from various auxiliary devices and has a built-in ambient light sensor and a differential pressure sensor. The Nox C1 offers system extension for the Nox A1 system with the integration of various auxiliary devices. The Nox C1 channels and built-in capabilities include the following: - 12 analogue channels; for recording of DC signals from auxiliary devices (license activation required, see 536013 "Noxturnal DC Channel License") - 2 USB channels; to support devices connected via USB - 2 serial channels; for recording of serial signals from auxiliary devices - 2 pressure sensor channels; for recording of differential pressure for pneumoflow recordings - 1 built-in ambient light sensor - 1 built-in Bluetooth® module; to support wireless connectivity allowing the device to record signals from the Nox A1 recorder The Nox C1 is also equipped with an Ethernet input; to support connection of the device to an Ethernet network for streaming of data and commands between the device and a remote computer. The Nox C1 access point is powered by a medical grade power supply providing medical grade isolation from mains.