Lifelines iEEG

Breaking Down Barriers to EEG

Lifelines iEEG is the world’s first dedicated cloud solution for EEG examinations. It facilitates expert collaboration and consultation across the world.

It is the Next Generation EEG!

Watch the video and find out how our Cloud Services break down traditional barriers and usher in a new and improved generation of EEG systems and solutions.

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Elevating Point-of-Care

Lifelines iEEG provides the NICU with an easy to use bedside aEEG brain monitor with synchronous HD video. This high quality, sophisticated EEG device optimises neonatal point of care.

Next Generation EEG

Lifelines iEEG Cloud Services is the world’s first dedicated, enterprise level IT solution for the management, workflow and secure storage of EEG examinations and synchronous HD videos.

Innovation Inspired by EEG Experts

Lifelines iEEG Clinical is a powerful, general-purpose clinical EEG system, which can accelerate diagnostic procedure in any department of the hospital with high quality EEG and synchronous HD video.

Advancing Patient Comfort

Lifelines iEEG Portable is a complete solution for EEG and synchronous HD Video monitoring in the comfort of the patient’s home. The wireless EEG recorder enables the patient to walk around freely at home.

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