Lifelines iEEG Cloud Services

Next Generation EEG

Lifelines iEEG Cloud Services are dedicated turn-key, enterprise level IT solutions for the management, workflow and secure storage of EEG examinations.

  • A safe, easy-to-use platform for EEG professionals
  • A safe and secure solution for patients undergoing EEG studies
  • The world’s first cloud solution designed specifically for EEG and  synchronized video

Lifelines iEEG Cloud Services facilitate access to EEG experts across buildings and across borders

Unlike solutions you may already be familiar with, Lifelines iEEG Cloud Services do much more than simply store and share data:

  • Lifelines iEEG Cloud Services are bespoke software solutions capable of storing, processing and presenting the different types of data used in patient management, acquisition and review of EEG, as well as the synchronization of EEG with single or dual video cameras.
  • Lifelines iEEG Cloud Services display data with the same look and feel as if it were being stored locally, without the need for third party remote desktop apps.
  • Lifelines iEEG Cloud Services deliver superior quality and speed of service compared with other solutions currently offered

Features and Benefits


  • Your virtual reading room – wherever you are!
  • Direct remote access for review and consultation – from anywhere
  • Direct remote access to verify quality of the ongoing recording
  • Direct remote control for impedance check, montage change, video adjustment or other changes – without interfering with the acquisition
  • Facilitates expert consultation across hospital divisions – across hospitals, across states/countries, even across the world


  • A HIPAA Compliant Service – in short our service improves patient information security
  • All data interaction is logged
  • Data backup and data restore testing from backups

No more IT hassles

  • All relevant IT service included in the Cloud solution – adjunct to your IT department
  • A professional EEG and video service – high expertise within the company

EEG anywhere

  • Online remote recording and remote control – anywhere!
  • A virtual EMU
  • In the comfort of the patient’s home
  • In the ICU, in the ER, even in Ambulances
  • Facilitates expert consultation across hospital divisions – across hospitals, across states/countries, even across the world

Lifelines iEEG’s cloud services can lower your IT costs

Cost Savings

The cost of servers, hardware and software is just the tip of the IT iceberg.

  • Typically budgets are for the equipment and software, installation and on-going maintenance.
  • However, Lifelines iEEG Cloud saves you the time, trouble and money spent on a lot of other ‘hidden’ costs:

Labour costs (3-6 times cost of hardware)

  • Installation
  • On-going maintenance
  • Monitoring
  • Updates/Upgrades
  • Patches
  • Migrations
  • Backups/Redundancy
  • Troubleshooting

Outages/Problems (many times more expensive than planned costs)

  • Last minute/Emergency response
  • Repair/Replacement
  • Alternative resolution
  • Downtime
  • Disruption to workflow
  • Lost opportunity/Productivity


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