Ambu BlueSensor M Snap on electrodes ‐ (34mm) Large (ECG) (1 Pouch of 50)

The large Ambu BlueSensor VLC features highly conductive wet gel and a combination of instant and long-term adhesives for excellent contact and stable signals throughout the monitoring period. Thanks to the low-profile microporous material, skin is able to breathe so the electrode remains comfortable to wear over long periods.

Ambu BlueSensor snap on electrodes ‐ (34mm) Large (ECG) (1 Pouch of 50)

– Ideal for EMG or ECG recordings

– Special soft sponge is used in gel area to avoid reactions on sensitive skin

– 3.4cm (1.25in) snap on electrode with wet gel

– Silver/silver chloride sensor

– Adhesion ensures that the electrode stays in place

– Single use/disposable