Nonin 3150 WristOx2 3150USB (Non Nox Compatible)

WristOx2 Model 3150 with USB – (Non Nox Compatible)

Engineered with Nonin Medical’s proven PureSAT® SpO2 technology, the WristOx2®, Model 3150 delivers highly accurate readings in the widest range of patient populations and settings. From the hospital to the home, the WristOx2®, Model 3150 is ideal for applications including cardio-ambulatory monitoring, remote wireless monitoring and overnight studies—providing the versatility and reliability that clinicians expect from Nonin. The WristOx2®, Model 3150 features advanced performance and reporting capabilities including enhanced connectivity and increased memory storage. (Includes Carry Case, Wristband, Med Soft Sensor) – Non Nox Compatible


Nonin 3150 SpO2 (Non Nox Compatable)
– Continua® Certified The WristOx2®, Model 3150 is certified compliant to the Continua Version One Design Guidelines. 
– Bluetooth® 2.0 Wireless Technology Created with Bluetooth 2.0 wireless technology, the WristOx2®, Model 3150 provides a secure wireless connection for vital information exchange.
– Enhanced Memory and Selectable Storage Rates The WristOx2®, Model 3150 boasts 270 hours of patient recording with high resolution one second storage rate (1080 hours with four second storage rate). Non-volatile memory provides an easy way to record patient readings for later data analysis and reporting.
– SmartPoint Technology SmartPoint technology eliminates the guesswork of determining quality measurements for data analysis. Using a sophisticated algorithm, it provides a fast and accurate snapshot of the patient’s SpO2.
– Extended Range The WristOx2®, Model 3150 has an extended range of up to 100 meters (Class I).
– Warranty The WristOx2®, Model 3150 features an industry-leading 3-year warranty.
– Power SaverUnlike traditional Bluetooth devices, the WristOx2®, Model 3150 has a new power saving feature that automatically adjusts transmitted power based on distance from the main unit.
– Proven PureSAT® Pulse Oximetry Technology Fast and accurate response for capturing events in challenging conditions such as motion and low perfusion.
– Patient Proof Unmatched durability for the home care and ambulatory environments, we’ve made the WristOx2®, Model 3150 is rugged to take a beating day after day. With automatic turn on upon finger insertion, the 3150 is convenient and easy to use.
– PureLight® Sensors For accuracy and clinically validated performance, the WristOx2®, Model 3150 is designed to use Nonin PureLight sensors only. Nonin PureLight sensors eliminate variations in readings from patient-to-patient and sensor-to-sensor. A new line of sensors designed for exclusive use with the WristOx2 Model 3150 are the 8000AA-WO2 (clip), 8000SS-WO2, 8000SM-WO2, 8000SL-WO2, and the 8000J-WO2 (flex) sensors. Additional Nonin sensors may be used with the Model 3150 through use of the 3150I cable adapter.