SenTec Digital Monitoring System with PO2

The SenTec Digital Monitor (SDM) with PO2 is an easy-to-use bedside monitor with an integrated calibration chamber for virtually all situations where continuous ventilation and oxygenation monitoring matters. Please see description below for inclusions.

SenTec Digital Monitoring System with PO2

‐ 1 SenTec Digital Monitor (SDM) with current firmware version

‐ 1 OxiVentTM Sensor (OV‐A/P/N)

‐ 1 Digital Sensor Adapter Cable (AC‐150)

‐ 1 V‐STATSTM Installation CD (V‐STATS CD)

‐ 1 Starter Set (see table below)

‐ 1 Membrane Changer Training Set (MC‐TSET)

‐ 1 User Manual CD (UMCD) also containing training videos

‐ 1 Quick Reference Guide ( RG‐xx)

‐ 1 Instruction Manual (IM‐xx)

‐ Standard Starter Set (SSET‐N nG)

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