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Nox Single Patient Use WristOx Straps (pack 100)NX601010
Grass Reusable Cup Electrodes 10mm Gold 12" with 2mm hole (10)AMFS-E5GH-48
Avagard Antiseptic Handrub 500ml out of stockTM3M9250P
Disposable Dual EMG Electrode (15/pack)AM019-429400
Maha Powerex 8 Cell AA/AAA Turbo Battery Charger & Analyser (batteries not included)PTMHC980
Tensive Adhesive Gel (12 tubes of 50g)NX555031
Multi-Site Attachment Ring Easy (sensitive, fragile skin 24pcs)STMARE-SF
Contact Gel Single Dose (90 single use vials)STGEL-SD
Nox Recorder Servicekit = Abdomen Cable/Battery Lid/Clip Strap (1set/2clips)NX569010
Kendall Cloth electrodes (22mm) (Neonatal) H69P (15 pouches of 30)CHES40281
Meditrace 130 snap on electrode - (30mm) Small Cloth (20 pouches of 30) - PaediatricCH31112496
Brava Adhesive Remover Spray 50mlCH12010
Brava Adhesive Remover Wipe (box of 30)CH12011
Webcol Alcohol Preps 2 ply (20 boxes of 200) - copyCH6818-1S
Webcol Alcohol Preps 2 ply (1 box of 200) - copyMT6818-1S
3M Red dot Repositionable Monitoring Electrode (40x32) (1 box of 1000)TM3M26705
Elefix Conductive EEG Paste, 180g tube (2 tube pack)NKF507
Cadwell Extension Lead Wire (Green)SD302131-200
Cadwell Extension Lead Wire (Black)SD302130-200
Cadwell Extension Lead Wire (Red)SD302129-200
TM3M1527-0 - Transpore 0.5"roll (1.25cm x 9.1m) Box of 24TM3M15270
Nox Snap on Double Lead 148/150cm, Grey554312
Membrane Changer Reloadable (9 pieces)STMC-R
Lithium AAA Batteries Disposable 1100 mAh (Pack of 10)LITHIUMAAA
Panasonic Eneloop Pro NiMH Rechargeable AAA (4 pack)RECHARGEAAA
Panasonic Eneloop Pro NiMH Rechargeable AA (4 pack)RECHARGEAA
Skintact Easiprep Electrode Prep StripsAT103002
3M Coban Self‐Adherent Wrap 1581, Tan, 25mm x 2m (Carton of 30 rolls)SMS3M1581
Elefix Conductive EEG Paste 400g Jar (Box of 3)NKF510
SenTec Digital Monitoring System with PO2STSDMS‐N_NG‐P02
SenTec Digital Monitoring SystemSTSDMS_NG
Roll Stand for SenTec Digtial MonitorSTRS_SDM
Mounting Plate, infusion stands & wall railsSTMP‐IW
Bin for Disposables (to be mounted on Cable Cleat for SDM)STCC_BFD
Cable Cleat for SenTec Digital MonitorSTCC_SDM
PSG Adapter Cable UniversalSTPSG‐X
USB232 Converter CableSTUSB232C_180
Digital Sensor Adapter Cable, 750 cmSTAC‐750
Digital Sensor Adapter Cable, 250 cmSTAC‐250
Digital Sensor Adapter Cable, 150 cmSTAC‐150
Activation of SDM s PO2 channelSTSDM PO2ACTIVATION
OxiVent Sensor (with 12 month life before programmed expiry)STOV‐A/P/N
V‐Sign Sensor 2STVS‐A/P/N
Docking Station GasketST100338
Clothing Clip for Sensor Cable 2 pcsSTSC‐CC
Membrane Changer Training SetSTMC‐TSET
Membrane Changer Set 1 membrane changer, 1 insertSTMC‐SET
Membrane Changer Inserts 5 pcsSTMC‐I
Service Gas 6 bottlesSTGAS‐0812
Staysite Adhesive for MAR‐SF/ MAR‐MI 50 pcsSTSA‐MAR
Multi‐Site Attachment Ring (mature, intact skin) 48 pcsSTMAR‐MI
Multi‐Site Attachment Ring (sensitive, fragile skin) 24 pcsSTMAR‐SF
Contact Gel 5 mlSTGEL‐04
Ear Clip (mature, intact skin) 24 pcsSTEC‐MI
Noxturnal DC Channel LicenseNX536013
Noxturnal EBM PSG File Format Reading License (For reading Embla files)NX536112
Noxturnal EDF File Format Reading LicenseNX536111
Noxturnal EBM PG File Format Reading License (For reading Embletta files)NX536110
Noxturnal Video Import License (Not yet Available)NX536012
Noxturnal Video Online Acquisition LicenseNX536011
Noxturnal A1 Online Acquisition LicenseNX536010
Noxturnal A1 PSG File Format License (Reader)NX534010
Nox A1 System with SPO2, CENX563010
Nox T3+ System with SPO2, CE, with SoftwareNX511019
Nox T3 System with SPO2, CE, with Software
Testo 510 Pocket Differential Pressure ManometerTHTMPR
Axis T8351 MicrophoneAX17216
Hikvision Cube Network Camera, POE, Mic, IR, WiFiDS‐2CD2412F‐I (W)
Vivotek FD816BA IP CameraFD816BA
Nox C1 Online Access Point (without DC Active)NX544020
Nonin 3150 SpO2 for Nox SystemsNX541010
Nox A1 Hard Carry CaseNX568011
Nox T3 Soft Carry CaseNX568010
Sleepsense Signal TesterSS5100
Sensor and Signal Tester - PRO with Continuity Cable (Sleepmate)AM818010-000
Lithium AA Batteries Disposables 2900 mAh (Pack of 10)LITHIUMAA
Powerex MH‐C9000 WizardOne Charger‐AnalyzerPTMH‐C9000
SPO2 3150 Wrist BandNX564042
Nox Mini USB CableNX562011
Nox Lid key (Battery Door Opener)NX569014
Nox Recorder Clips with chord, 2pkNX569013
Nonin 3150 Battery LidNX569018
Nox Recorder Battery LidNX569011
1.5mm Keyhole to 2.0mm Male Safety Pin AdapterNX562813
Kendall Biotac Cloth Electrode 7605 (48x48) (12 pouches of 50)CH31043170
Ambu BlueSensor snap on electrodes ‐ (34mm) Large (ECG) (1 Pouch of 50)TMAMMOOS50
Meditrace 200 snap on electrode ‐ (36mm) Large (ECG) (10 Pouches of 100)CH31050522
Meditrace 100 snap on electrode ‐ (30mm) Medium (EEG, EMG and ECG) (10 Pouches of 100)CH31118733
Covidien "Arbo" H124SG Foam Hydrogel snap on electrodes ‐ (24mm) Small (EEG & EMG) (10 Pouches of 50)CH31.1245.21
Ambu BlueSensor N snap on electrodes ‐ (20mm) Small (EEG) (1 Pouch of 25)TMAMNOOS25
Lead with Attached Electrode, 10pk, 152cm (60in)NX554110
Lead with Attached Electrode, 10pk, 100cm (40in)NX554109
Lead with Attached Electrode, 12pk, 50cm (20in) (Ambu Neuroline 715)NX554111
Kittycat Prewired Electrode (100 pouches of 3)CH31424768
Nox A1 EEG to Head Cable, PaediatricNX562111
Nox A1 EEG Head Cable, AdultNX562110
Nox Snap on Double Lead, 30/32 cm, Beige‐WhiteNX554317
Nox Snap on Double Lead, 98/100 cm, Beige‐BlackNX554315
Nox Snap on Double Lead, 98/100 cm, Beige‐GreyNX554313
Nox Snap on Double Lead, 30/50 cm, Beige‐OrangeNX554311
Nox Snap on Lead, 100cm, Beige‐BlackNX554027
Nox Snap on Lead, 100cm, Beige‐GreyNX554025
Nox Snap on Lead, 50 cm, Beige‐GreenNX554023
Nox Snap on Lead, 30cm, Beige‐WhiteNX554021
Nox Snap on Double Lead 148/150 cm, BlackNX554314
Nox Snap on Double Lead 50/100 cm, OrangeNX554310
Nox Snap on Double Lead Wire, 50/52 cm, WhiteNX554316
Nox Snap on Lead ‐ Wire, 150cm, BlackNX554026
Nox Snap on Lead ‐ Wire, 150cm, GreyNX554024
Nox Snap on Lead ‐ Wire, 100cm, OrangeNX554028
Nox Snap on Lead ‐ Wire, 100 cm, GreenNX554022
Nox Snap on Lead ‐ Wire, 50cm x 2, White (Chin)NX554020
6 Lead Snapon Cable Bundle (M1,M2,C4,PGRND,E1,E2) for Australian Ambulatory 1 TestingNXTHBUND1
EEG lead Gold electrode 100 cm No Longer AvailableNX554410
Nox A1 EEG 5 Lead Gold Electrode CableNX554411
3150 Sensor Adapter CableNX553910
FlexiWraps, 25pk ‐ AdultNX553131
FlexiWraps, 25pk ‐ InfantNX553121
FlexiWraps, 25pk ‐ NeonatalNX553111
Flex Sensor with 25 8000JFW FlexiWraps, WO2 Connector, 30 cm (12in) cable ‐ AdultNX553130
Flex Sensor with 25 8008JFW FlexiWraps, 1 m (39in) cable ‐ InfantNX553120
Flex Sensor with 25 8001JFW FlexiWraps, 1 m (39in) cable ‐ NeonatalNX553110
WristOx2 Soft Sensor ‐ LargeNX553030
WristOx2 Soft Sensor ‐ MediumNX553020
WristOx2 Soft Sensor ‐ SmallNX553010
Thermistor ‐ Adult and Paediatric (disposbale) 1.5mm connectors 60cmNX552210
Thermistor ‐ Neonate (reusable) 1.5mm connectors 210cmNX552222
Thermistor ‐ Paediatric (reusbale) 1.5mm connectors 210cmNX552221
Thermistor ‐ Adult (reusable) 1.5mm connectors 120cmNX552220
Thermistor ‐ Adult and Paediatric (reusable) Key connector 90cmNX552230
Mask tubing, 180cm (72in), Female x Male, 50pkNX552320
Nox Filter and Tube Connector for Cannula, Disp (Box of 50)NX552110
Divided Cannula, Disp, 25pk ‐ PaediatricNX552411
Divided Cannula, Disp, 25pk ‐ AdultNX552410
Cannula with Luer‐lock, Disp, 25pk ‐ PaediatricNX552151
Nox Cannula with luer‐lock, Disp, 50pk ‐ AdultNX552020
Nox Cannula with filter,Disp, 40pk ‐ AdultNX552010
Nox RIP Cable Kit E (To use Nox RIP belts with Embla devices)NX562050
Nox RIP Thorax Cable E (Embla Compatible)NX562052
Nox RIP Abdomen Cable E (Embla Compatible)NX562051
Nox Abdomen CableNX562010
Nox RIP belts Disposable, Extra Large 14 setsNX551050
Nox RIP belts Disposable, Large 20 setsNX551040
Nox RIP belts Disposable, Medium 20 setsNX551030
Nox RIP belts Disposable, Small 20 setsNX551020
Nox RIP belts Disposable, Paediatric 20 setsNX551010
Posey Wraps Soft Velcro WrapsCHPOSEY
Kendall Hypoallergenic Silk tape 2.5cm x 9.1mCH7138C
Kendall Hypoallergenic Paper tape 2.5cm x 9.1mMT1914C
Kendall Hypoallergenic Paper tape 1.25cm x 9.1mMT2304C
3M Coban Self‐Adherent Wrap 1581, Tan, 25mm x 2m, (Pack of 5 rolls)SMS3M1581-5
Transpore 1" roll (25mm x 9.1m) (Box of 12)TSM3M15271
Micropore 1" roll (25mm x 9.1m) (Box of 12)TM3M15301
Micropore 1/2" roll (12mm x 9.1m) (Box of 24)TM3M15300
Hypafix roll (1 roll 10cm x 10m)SMS71443-02
Gauze swabs (7.5cm x 7.5cm) 100 per packSMGHCGS001-S
China graph pencil RED (Staedtler Glasochrom Pencil Red - Single)OC10820‐2S
3M Trace Prep (Roll)SM3M2236
Kendall Adhesive Remover Wipes (1 box of 100)CH21480
Kimberly‐Clark Anti Bacterial Wipes (1 x tub) - out of stockSG18951
Ten20 Conductive EEG Paste (3 x 114ml/4oz Jars)NX555020
Nox RIP Belts and Cannula Kit (Mix S,M,L RIP and Cannulas for 80 studies, with Abdomen Cable)NX558210
The Big Lab Kit (240 In‐lab PSG Patients)THBK2
Nox-T3® System with SPO2NX511010
NuPrep ECG & EEG Abrasive Skin Prep Gel (3 x 114ml tubes)NX555010
The Big Home Kit (240 Home Study Patients)THBK1
Liv Wipes Jumbo Alcohol Wipes (1 x tub) - out of stockLS-ALCOWIP75-1