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TempleCare: Your Plan, Your Protection, Your Piece of Mind

Introducing TempleCare, our comprehensive extended warranty service and support plans designed to provide complete peace of mind for all your new and existing devices. Safeguard your investment and ensure seamless business operations with TempleCare, shielding you from unexpected repair expenses. Choose from a variety of tailored plans to suit your needs, and embrace a proactive approach to long-term savings while ensuring uninterrupted workflow efficiency.

TempleCare Plans

TempleCare Platinum

An all-inclusive, comprehensive option covering internal repairs, software/firmware updates, annual preventative maintenance, expert-level training, onsite callouts, loan devices, and unlimited remote/phone support, ensuring ultimate workflow optimization.

TempleCare Gold

Our economical coverage that can extend beyond the device's five-year lifetime, offering convenient service callouts, updates, and maintenance, enhancing product cost-effectiveness and user peace of mind.

TempleCare Bronze

A remote support subscription plan tailored for users seeking unlimited technical support during business and after-hours, without additional features.

TempleCare Support Vouchers

Allowing flexible access to technical support services without a subscription commitment, allowing users to pre-purchase and redeem vouchers as needed for remote or onsite assistance.

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