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Every day we work with our partners and clients to create innovative measuring equipment and applications to advance human electrophysiology research worldwide.

We love to share our knowledge, support and inspire the industry, and continually optimize our top-quality products to guarantee reliable and accurate results – whatever the industry or application.

Our Solutions

Always finding the right user-friendly measurement solution to advance human electrophysiological research worldwide.

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SAGA 32+/64+

The ultimate high density amplifier to record human electrophysiological signals. Data recording has never been so easy.

REFA Amplifier

Our world-renowned legacy amplifier is the golden standard in the electrophysiology research world. A firm favourite amongst clinical researchers.

EEG Headcaps

Top-of-the-range gel, water and ring electrode head caps and cEEGrids for quick, easy and reliable measuring.

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HD-EMG Electrodes

Our high-density EMG grids combine high temporal and increased spatial resolution to retrieve detailed information on muscle activity.

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Everything you need to complete your measurement set-up or integrate with third party equipment.

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Four of the best scientific programming software to build experiments with graphic interfaces: Python, MATLAB, Windows & Linux SDK and Polybench.


We live and breathe the world of electrophysiological research. We speak your language.

Neurological Disorders

Neurological disorders

We work in the field of neurological disorders research including epilepsy, migraines, strokes and Parkinson’s disease etc. Customizing our solutions to each application – whether it’s reliability for 24 hour measurements to real time data for closed loop stimulation.

Human / Machine Interface

Human machine interfacing

We understand the importance of human machine interfacing in the research world. Whether it’s controlling computers with BCI or operating mechanical devices with Robotics. We have the right solution for your exact needs.

Movement sciences

Movement sciences

With years of experience in movement sciences, we know the ins and outs of neurophysiology, rehabilitation, biophysics in sports, muscle functions and motor development. We pride ourselves on finding the best solution for every application.



We collaborate with neuropsychology experts on a daily basis. Helping to find the right user-friendly measurement solution for their exact needs. From cognitive neuropsychology to neuromarketing and hyperscanning to neurofeedback – we have it covered.


We work closely with clients and partners to develop smart and user-friendly measurement technology for research.

Mental Workload

Mental workload

At TMSi, we speak your language. We understand what you need when it comes to research in different areas of mental workload – whether it’s neuro psychology, attention, concentration, arousal

Cognitive performance

Cognitive performance

At TMSi, we understand what it takes to work in the fields of psychology and cognitive neuroscience and conduct research in different areas of cognitive performance. Especially using standard ERPs experiments to assess brain activity with the EEG and the presentation of hundreds of perceptive stimuli (e.g. visual, auditory) via a dedicated software such as E-Prime or OpenSesame.

Social interaction

Social interaction

At TMSi, we work with researchers around the world who use the novel method of hyperscanning, which allows you to measure the brain activity of multiple interacting subjects simultaneously and facilitate the exploration of interbrain neural relations.

Movement sciences

Body mechanics

We understand that EMG is important to better understand the mechanics of the human body – whether you are evaluating muscle activation timing, evaluating the force relationship with EMG signal or evaluating muscle fatigue with the EMG signal.

Robotic Control

Robotic control

In the past decades, the use of robotics in rehabilitation has increased significantly. It is still a real challenge to create a human-robotic control interface that feels natural to the user. Research using EMG-based control has shown promising results in controlling robotic protheses, orthoses, and other assistive robotic devices by correctly interpreting the human motion intention. Resulting in EMG based interfaces in robotics being used in teleoperation and telemanipulation of prosthetic, assistive, or robotic rehabilitation devices.

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